We are very happy to assist with name, title and/or gender changes on your medical record, but please be aware of the following information. 

If you wish to change your name and/or title on your medical record: 

  • You can change your first name at any time and we can update your record immediately. Please let us know in writing, or via the Change of Details form on our website.  
  • If you change your surname/last name/family name (apart from by marriage) we need to see proof of the change, e.g. passport, driving licence or deed poll before we can update your medical record. 
  • We can change your title as long as this change remains consistent with the gender on your medical record, e.g. Miss/Ms/Mrs = female; Mr = male. 
  • If you do not want a gender-specific title, we can change it to Mx. 
  • Changes made at the surgery will not alter records held by the hospital, so you may wish to also notify any secondary care provider where you receive care/treatment. 

If you wish to change your gender on your NHS record please be aware of the following: 

  • The Surgery cannot change the gender that is on your existing medical record. 
  • You can request a new medical record in your preferred gender identity; NHS will then close your current medical record and issue you with a new NHS number, and a new medical record. 
  • Your new medical record will be completely blank, with none of your previous medical history, COVID vaccinations, medication etc. saved onto it. 
  • Your previous medical history can be attached to your new record as a ‘document’, so that clinicians will be able to see your history of consultations, referrals, test results, medication etc. This will just take slightly longer for them to access, e.g. during a consultation.  
  • Your regular medication will be added to your new record by a clinician when you next request it, and once this has been done you will be able to order repeat medications electronically in the future.  
  • If you use the NHS App you will need to set this up again in your new NHS identity. 
  • If you want a copy of your past immunisation record, this can be printed for you, but it will show your birth gender and previous name (if you have changed your name). 
  • It may take NHS England up to 4 months to process requests for gender change and issue a new NHS number; although this can happen more quickly, but we have no control over this. Once NHS England has sent us the new information it only takes the surgery a couple of days to process the new registration. 
  • If, having received a new medical record in a new gender identity, you decide to return to your previous gender identity, you will not be able to go back to your original NHS number. You will be issued with another new medical record and new NHS number. 

Please let us know if you wish to make any of these changes and we will be happy to help. You can email your request, including your current details, and what you wish to change them mitchleyave@nhs.net  or fill in an online contact form on our website .